Learn Spanish Nicaragua at Nicaragua Spanish School! 

Learn Spanish Nicaragua with our Spanish immersion school program at Spanish School Nicaragua. We offer you many and different activities in Nicaragua that you can do in the afternoon; basically consist in the visits that you can do with your Spanish teacher. Remember that it is almost impossible to learn Spanish Nicaragua without knowing the culture.

As part of your Spanish lessons are the visit that we need to do two times per week. You can choose of the following options that Spanish School Nicaragua offers:
a. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and visit Tobacco factories

learn spanish nicaraguaEsteli is know as “The Capital of the tobacco” it would be interesting for you to know how many people (65 % of the workers are women) handmade tobacco cigars every day, you can know all the process know all and why not to smoke one. Spanish students enjoy when they are able to talk with the tobacco workers. The cost for visiting and make a tour is U$5 per person. There are 31 tobacco cigars in Esteli.

b. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and help Women cooperative

learn spanish nicaraguaHand-made artisan  and organic journals, stationary and other products, crafted by the mothers of Esteli. Visit us from 8:00- 5:00 for a free making worshop.You can visit a group of women. They are a group of women that cleaned up a festering garbage dump at the edge of their neighborhood to protect their children from playing in the diseased filth. At first, they separated the garbage and sold it for very little money. Later,they learned how to recycle paper and handmade greeting cards. Now they sell cards, paper bags, notebook, etc. You can practice your Spanish talking with Justina how to recycle paper. This women cooperative support theirs family while teaching strong environmental practices. The central core their work is recycling paper mixed with plant-based waste such banana stalk, corn husk, coconut shells,tobacco, etc. that they artfully craft into beautiful greeting cards which they sell in their own store, in cafes around town and by the Internet.

They reprocess other organic waste, using traditional methods and composting. You can also visit their ornamental garden and forest plant nurseries.

How to get there? From Market Alfredo Lazo one block south, turn right and walk 4 blocks west.

c. Visit a clinic for women:

If you are interested in visiting a medical clinic for women, we can arrange a visit for you. You can learn how clinic Ixchen attend women in Esteli and around helping with exam for cancer and other. Come and support this clinic, buying nice bracelet and help 80 women with cancer.And of course, at the same time you can practice your Spanish conversation.

c. Learn Spanish Nicaragua andn take Dance classes
Maybe you want to take dancing classes with a private teacher. Learn how to dance salsa, merengue and other latin rhythms. Price per hour: U$ 12 ( not include in the fee)

d. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and visit Waterfall La Estanzuela

spanish school nicaragua

El Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve is the most famous place for tourists in Esteli. In this reserve there is a waterfall, is not a big waterfall over 30 feet high. If you are visiting Esteli you can visit the Reserve, taking the Panamerican Highway, turn right and take the road. Buses are not frequent. If you decide walking it will take about two hours.Waterfall is 4 miles away. Entrance fee is U$1 per person. Close to the waterfall is located El Tisey where one guy made a lot of sculpture on rocks

learn spanish nicaragua

e. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and Canopy tour:
Study Spanish with us and have an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline. Visit the only destination in Nicaragua that offers a Canopy tour of almost 5000 feet located in a pine forest. Travel through two hanging bridges and nine steel cables. They provide proper safety equipment and supervision by experts guides. Not included in the Spanish program fee.

f. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and visit Somoto canyon:
It is a canyon located in Madriz department of Nicaragua. The Somoto canyon was declared a national monument on November 29, 2005. The Somoto canyon was relatively unexplored until a group of scientists from Czech Republic and Nicaragua discovered the canyon in 2004. After its discovery in 2004, the Somoto canyon has been developing into a tourist attraction, further helping the growth of tourism in Nicaragua.

You can visit the Somoto canyon and enjoy this touristic attraction.

g. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and Visit the market

As important part of the Spanish course are the visits to the market, where you can visit with us in order to know the name of different fruits and vegetables and even though to talk with the businessmen at the market. You can see how many women make tortillas every day in the market to sell food You need to practice your Spanish in real life situation. Remember to learn Spanish at the same time that you should know the culture and popular idioms and why not the most popular Nicaraguan sayings.

h. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and Cafes:

Most of the Spanish student in the afternoon like visiting different cafes, located in downtown. Here they can enjoy a coffee, yogurt and of course talk with other foreigners people.Some cafes also offers hostel, tours and visits to Miraflor and Somoto Canyon.

We encourage all Spanish students to participate in as many activities as possible to enhance your understanding to Nicaraguan culture and people.

i. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and Visit Miraflor:

The Nature Reserve Miraflor is an area for the conservation of natural resources in the city of Esteli. Miraflor Lagoon is surrounded by cloud forest with an abundance of orchids and birds. Sometimes there may be sightings of howler monkey.

On Weekends many tourists prefer to spend the weekend in Miraflor. You can visits farms, located 27 km away from Esteli. Walk to the different attractions of the reserve: viewpoints, waterfalls and natural pools, Apaguis cave, museum, ceramic workshop and cloud forest. They offer special tours like: Orchid Spotting, Bird watching and coffee tour.

Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.