Spanish at Spanish School Nicaragua! 

Spanish learning in an immersive environment includes opportunities for learning about—and interacting with—everyday native speakers and the culture they live in. We invite you to join us in a Spanish language immersion program at Spanish School Nicaragua! We offer you many different activities in Nicaragua that you can do in the afternoon—on your own or accompanied by your Spanish teacher.

Spanish School Nicaragua encourages its students to take time each week to gain authentic Nicaraguan
experiences and to discover the culture, heritage, and language of the Nicaraguan people. Some of the
activities available are:
a. Learn Spanish  and visit local Tobacco Factories

learn spanish nicaragua

Estelí is known as “the Capital of Tobacco”. Visit a factory of this signature area industry. Learn about the process of hand-making cigars and speak with the workers. There are over thirty cigar companies in the Estelí area, and 65% of the employees are women. This much enjoyed tour has a cost of US$5 per person. (Please note that although Estelí is a center for tobacco and cigar production,the prevalence of smoking here is rather low and similar to what you would find elsewhere in Latin America.)

b. Learn Spanish  and visit  Women’s Cooperative

learn spanish nicaragua

This cooperative was formed by a group of women who cleaned up a waste disposal area next to their neighborhood. The core of their work is recycling paper mixed with plant-based waste such as banana stalk, corn husk, coconut shells, and tobacco, etc. which they artfully craft into beautiful greeting cards to sell in their own store, in cafes around town, and on the Internet.
The women of the cooperative support their families by creating hand-made recycled-paper artisan journals, stationary, notebooks, paper bags, and other products, while advocating for strong environmental practices. Visit their ornamental garden, plant nursery, composting area, paper recycling operation, or participate in one of the workshops they offer. (Located one block south and four blocks west of Alfredo Lazo Market.)

c.  Learn Spanish and visit a Women’s Medical Clinic

Learn how the Ixchen Clinic attends to women’s health needs in Estelí and the surrounding area, including the provision of cancer screening services. Practice your Spanish with the staff or purchase a bracelet to support some of the more than eighty cancer patients it serves.

c. Learn Spanish  and visit Waterfall La Estanzuela

By travelling a few miles south of Estelí off of the Panamerican Highway you can visit the famous La Estanzuela Waterfall in the El Tisey Estanzuela Nature Reserve. Entrance fee is US$1 per person. Located nearby is also the interesting and eclectic “finca El Jalacate” with a sculpture garden created by sculptor Alberto Gutierrez.

learn spanish nicaraguae. Learn Spanish and visit Somoto Canyon

Located about 90 minutes north of Estelí, Somoto Canyon remained relatively unexplored until 2004. In 2005 it was declared a national monument and today visitors can experience the natural beauty of
the canyon while swimming, trekking, inner tubing, canoeing, cliff-jumping, rappelling, or even horseback riding. (Additional costs involved.)

g. Learn Spanish Nicaragua and visit a market

A very useful activity for providing language and cultural immersion is visiting a Nicaraguan market. Discover first-hand the large variety of different fruits and vegetables and other local products. Strike  up a conversation with one of the sellers in the market. Observe the preparation of tortillas and other food products each day. Take in the rich variety of colors, smells, and sounds while trying to understand the conversations occurring all around. (No additional costs.)

h. Learn Spanish  and relax in a Cafe

Take a break in the afternoon and visit one of the many cafes and food stalls. Practice using your Spanish to order and enjoy coffee, smoothies, ice cream, pastries, or other treats. Meet up with locals or other “extranjeros” to practice your conversation or just to watch the daily life passing in the street.

i. Learn Spanish  and Visit Miraflor Nature Reserve

Miraflor Nature Reserve is located about 40 minutes north of Estelí. The Miraflor Lagoon is surrounded by cloud forest with an abundance of orchids, birds, and occasionally howler monkeys. A variety of hikes and tours are available to visit viewpoints, waterfalls, natural pools, caves, flora and fauna, a museum, a ceramic workshop, and more. The reserve is a popular weekend tourist destination. (Some activities at additional costs.)

Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.