Where can I find the least expensive, high-quality Spanish language immersion classes?

Now days it is difficult to know who you can trust, and what businesses are reputable on the web.Pricing and services are often ambiguous, convoluted, and confusing. It’s hard to reliably judge the quality or value of the instruction before arriving at a school. How then can you find the best value Spanish Language instruction for your time and money?
Hello. My name is Deven and I’ve travelled extensively around the world, in seven of the eight Central American countries, eleven of the thirteen South American countries, and on four Spanish-speaking islands in the Caribbean. I’ve investigated Spanish language instruction options in all of these locations, and attended multiple schools in four of the countries which I found to have the least expensive and best value options.


2018 Best Prices on the Planet for
Spanish Language Classes and Homestay:
For quality, one-on-one Spanish Classes: $6 to $8 USD per hour
($120-$160 per week, 20 hours total, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week)
For Homestay: $11 to $15 USD per day
($90-$105 per week, 3 meals a day, 6 days a week)


Attempting to locate inexpensive, high-quality Spanish language immersion schools on the internet today will be a tremendous hassle and provide you with confusing and unreliable results. Please allow me to save you considerable time and effort… Five or ten years ago the answer to “where can I find the least expensive, highest-quality, clearest-pronunciation, safe-environment Spanish Language instruction in Latin America” would have been Antigua Guatemala, and Quito Ecuador. While these two locations are still great choices today, there has now emerged a third option, and that is Nicaragua. There are several locations within Nicaragua which contain multiple inexpensive language schools, and the cities of Granada and Estelí are two terrific examples. Within Estelí there is a clear standout, and that is Rafael Castillo’s “Spanish School Nicaragua”. Rafael and his staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life, and their fairly-priced classes are a highly effective and worthwhile way to learn spanish school nicaragua
From considerable experience I can assure you that this school provides some of the best-value Spanish immersion instruction in the world. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors, clear pronunciation, diverse materials, an authentic yet safe environment, relatively modernized infrastructure, a comfortable climate, opportunities for exploration and charity… it’s a unique opportunity to get uncompromised, highly-effective language instruction at the lowest cost available. Search around on the web and you will quickly find the same classes and accommodations in other countries will cost you two or three times as much.
Use your money here instead to learn or vacation longer, or to contribute to charitable causes during your stay. If you are taking several weeks or more of Spanish language instruction and homestay, doing it in Estelí is going to save you hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars, and you will leave with the same or better understanding of Spanish than you could have paid more for elsewhere. It will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience you will appreciate the rest of your life.



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Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.