The “Charity Nicaragua” Project

Spanish School Nicaragua is proud to participate in the “Charity Nicaragua” project by donating 10% of our school’s income  to buy and prepare food for the poor people who scavenge at the local landfill (dump). Students taking classes with us should know that their payments to the school not only support local teachers, but also make a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable poor in our community. For those students who wish to contribute directly, we offer weekly volunteer opportunities to assist with the preparation or delivery of this food to our neighbors in need at the nicaragua

Nicaragua key facts

  • the population of Nicaragua is approximately 6 million.
  • 48% of the population in Nicaragua lives below the poverty line
  • 79.9% live on less than US $2 per day.
  • Per capita Income is  US $1,921

Our Charity Nicaragua project: Food for the poor people working at the dump!

charityNine kilometers outside of Estelí there exists a local landfill (waste dump). Every day in this place almost eighty families look for plastic bottles, metal, and other materials to collect and sell. These people receive no salary from the government: they need to sell the scavenged materials which they find in order to survive and provide for their families. Very often children are raised working alongside their parent’s in this unsanitary environment.
Every Tuesday our school purchases and prepares the food to provide at least sixty meals for the poor families working at the dump. For many, this is their only truly nourishing meal for the week. (Our goal is to be able to provide this necessary food every day for these families.) We invite our students to volunteer with us in this humanitarian endeavor. If you choose to participate, the smiling faces and thankful hearts you encounter will be a unique, inspiring, and unforgettable experience for you.

How can you help?

charity nicaragua

 Simply by paying for Spanish classes with us you have already helped us to make a difference in this worthy cause, and we thank you tremendously. For anyone wishing to have an even greater impact, the School would be grateful for any additional charitable contributions you would like to dedicate to this project.
Whether a student with us or not, we invite you to contribute by coordinating a contribution of food with us while you are in Estelí, or by sending a money donation which will be earmarked for this Charity Nicaragua project.  Money donations can be sent to the Spanish School Nicaragua Director: Rafael Humberto Castillo Arauz, in Estelí, Nicaragua by using:

  • Money Gram (, or
  • (, a subsidiary of PayPal. (PayPal itself cannot be used in Latin America.)
    Use our Contact Page to call or email with any questions.

Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.