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Nicaragua Spanish School . Thank you for your interest in this exciting new challenge for you! We are looking forward to learning about you and possibly working with you over the  Spanish course at Spanish School Nicaragua.

nicaragua spanishWe recommend that if you desire to learn Spanish as a second language you need to be persistent because just practice makes perfect. if you study and talk Spanish every day and live in a real immersion context you will improve your Spanish level.

Please complete the contact form. Feel free to contact us. We hope your experience with Nicaragua Spanish School  will be great.

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A1 (BEGINNER) You have little or no knowledge of Spanish. Maybe you have studied at the school, but you can remember anymore.
A2 (ELEMENTARY) You can communicate in basic situations using the present, past and future tenses, but with some errors. You can understand Spanish when someone speaks slowly. We recommend that you visit places like the market with your Spanish teacher and try to understand more.
B1 (INTERMEDIATE) You feel secure speaking and writing in Spanish. You know quite a lot of vocabulary, but you need to practise and expand your grammar knowledge. In this level we recommend that you start reading a small novel like : Noticia de un Secuestro by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
B2 (UPPER) You can communicate fluently and with confidence in a wide range of situations but need a deeper study of grammar structures and learn more specific vocabulary. From this level you can learn Nicaraguan slang.
C1 (ADVANCED) and C2 (SUPERIOR) You should have an excellent level of Spanish and be able to communicate effectively as a native. You need to perfect the language to ensure its adequate cultural use by means of extensive study into the subtleties of the Spanish language. In this level you need to talk fast like a native Spanish speaker.

Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.