Nicaragua holidays

Nicaragua holidays- Learn Spanish and celebrate our Nicaragua holidays!

Nicaragua holidays are centred on Christianity, Easter, and the commemoration of events in Nicaraguan history.

  • nicaragua holidaysJanuary 1.  New Year’s Day:  No transportation and all of the bussiness are closed. Many Nicaraguans celebrate at the beach.
    • April:  Nicaraguans celebrate Holy week. Catholics celebrate nationally on the first Thursday of April. Normally there is no transportation.
    • May 30: Mother’s Day: Normally no school.
    • July 19: Revolution Day: Celebrated on 19 July. There is no transportation because the goverment use all the busses in order to celebrate in Managua.
    • August 1 & 10 Managuans celebrate Santo Domingo de Guzman (Patron Saint) Festivals and horse parade in Managua, both days.
    • September 14: Battle of San Jacinto (1856). Celebrated on the national level. It is held on the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto against william Walker.
    • September 15: Independence Day. A national holiday held on September 15 to celebrate independence of Central America in 1821.
    • October 12: Indigenous Resistance Day. Formerly Columbus Day. Highlights the struggle of native people against European colonialism.
    • December 7-8: Immaculate Conception: Celebrated nationally on December 8 and in Leon on December 7.
    • December 16: Anniversary of the city of Esteli. Horse parade the third Sunday of December.
    • December 24: Christmas Celebrated nationally and December 25 there is no transportation.
    • December 31: New Year’s Eve: At 12 am Nicaraguans celebrate with fireworks

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