Learn Spanish fast- Ten reasons to learn Spanish!

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Learn Spanish fast is the most important thing. Many people learn Spanish for many and different reasons, and sometimes they choose places where there are many foreign people like Granada, San Juan del Sur and Leon, places where they can not meet
Nicaraguan people. Here you have ten reason why you should learn Spanish in Esteli and of course study Spanish with us.
1. Learning Spanish in Esteli is cheaper than other cities in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. One Spanish hour in Costa Rica cost $25 at least, at Spanish School Nicaragua cost &7 per hour.
2. Esteli enjoys a pleasant climate throughout most of the year due to its location in the north central highlands.
3. Nicaragua is safe: Whereas Hondura’s murder rate in 2010 was 82 per 100, 000 people, the world’s highest in over a decade, Nicaragua is safer than Costa Rica, a tourist haven. Esteli is safer than the cities in the pacific like Granada, Leon, San Juan del Sur or Matagalpa. You can walk on the streets and feel safe.
4. Did you know that in Granada, San Juan del Sur most of the bussines are operated by foreign people. Spanish School Nicaragua is operated by Nicaraguan Spanish teachers.
5. Flexibility: Spanish School Nicaragua offers students the flexibility to customize programs to meet specific needs, this apply for Spanish courses in Esteli or Spanish courses online.
6. Personaized attention: Our students find a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere both in and outside classes. We recommend that you stay in a host Nicaraguan family in Esteli.
7. More value for your money because we guarantee our results.’
8. Extra activities: We include different tours like tobacco cigars tour, where you can know all the tobacco process. You will learn Spanish in real life situation.
9. Did you know that Nicaraguan are recognized because we are not punctual. We love the punctuality, because if you pay us four hours of Spanish classes every day you will have four hours.
10 Do you enjoy helping people? Learning Spanish with us you can support at least ten meals for the poor people at the dump in Esteli. Part of our Spanish course is prepare Nicaraguan food and share with the poor people who work there. Every Tuesday and friday we prepare 60 meals.

Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.