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Spanish online  “fast and easy”— via Skype! Connect with a LIVE native-speaking, highly-qualified instructor, to receive Spanish classes one-on-one by video conference. Learn Spanish according to your schedule and pace.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we can arrange classes for you any day of the week at the times which work for you. Spanish School Nicaragua has been providing language instruction to international students of all ages since 1998, and we would love to have you join us for classes—either here in Nicaragua, or over the internet via Skype!
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Try an initial no-obligation 30-minute online trial class for free!
Here’s how:
1. Go to on your computer (or to your favorite mobile app store) and download Skype to your device.
2. Start the Skype app and create a Skype user account for yourself.
3. Within Skype, go to “Add a New Contact” and type “My Spanish lesson” in a Skype Directory search.
4. Once found, select “My Spanish lesson” and then click “Add to Contacts”, and “Send” a Contact Request.
5. Use our Contact Page to email and set up a free 30-minute trial to meet your instructor.

With our online Spanish classes you can schedule your Spanish lesson according to your preference,  and you can change at any time. We provide Spanish learning material free of charge with no hidden costs. Our online Spanish lessons curriculum is specially designed for students like you who are learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Why  should you learn Spanish online using Skype?

  • It’s convenient and efficient! Simply connect with Skype from anywhere, and have your classes with a live, experienced, native-speaking instructor who is dedicated strictly to your learning.
  •  Flexible class scheduling. Have classes when you want, and as often as you want.
  •  Quality instruction with bargain pricing. Get Spanish language instruction one-on-one at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a tutor where you live.
  • Customized class content. Our language instruction is tailored to your interests, needs, and learning speed.
  • Have an impact in Latin America from your home. By taking classes online with Spanish School Nicaragua, you are sustaining employment opportunities and helping us build charitable programs which improve the lives of the less fortunate here in Nicaragua.
  •  Payment is safe and secure. Classes can be paid for quickly and easily by using your choice of one of several well-known and highly reputable US-based money transfer companies.

How does it work?

Once we have exchanged Skype contact information with you (and perhaps spoken with you in a free trial class), the next step will be for you to complete our online Assessment Test located here. By completing this test you will help us to be able to better understand your current Spanish language ability, and to create a curriculum for you tailored to your specific level and needs.
To begin paid online classes we will next ask that you please purchase the amount of class hours that you would like to start with, and send payment to us in the manner described below or on or Pricing Page.
Once we receive your payment we will work with you to set up a class timetable which fits your schedule. Using what we have learned from your assessment test, we will then prepare customized lessons for you and deliver them to you by email prior to your lessons.
When your arranged class time arrives simply log on to Skype and connect by video conference with your personal Spanish teacher (using contact “My Spanish lesson”), and your class will begin. It’s that simple!

How do I pay for  the lessons?

Use our Contact Page to call or email with any questions, and to register prior to sending payments.
Please complete payments for all courses and services prior to their commencement.
Payments can be sent to the Spanish School Nicaragua Director:
Rafael Humberto Castillo Arauz, in Estelí, Nicaragua   by using:
Money Gram (, or (, a subsidiary of PayPal

Will I learn Spanish online one on one or in  groups?

Spanish School Nicaragua delivers all of its online Spanish classes one-on-one. You will receive excellent quality instruction from a qualified and highly experienced teacher who provides you individual attention and personal study plans to ensure fast learning progression. Through the connectivity of the internet you are able to engage with top-notch foreign language teachers in a low-wage part of the world at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay otherwise.

How fast will I learn Spanish online?

It depends on your personal abilities and the time you dedicate to learning Spanish. The more classes you take and the more you practice, the faster you will learn. Our online classes make it convenient and economical for you to push yourself to achieve your language goals rapidly.

Are classes mainly based on grammar?

No, our classes are designed to develop the four skills of the language: listening, speaking, writing and reading.One-on-one instruction has the benefit of more precisely targeting your particular needs.

Can I take a Spanish test in order to know my Spanish level?

We request that you complete our online Assessment Test located here. By completing this test you will help us to be able to better understand your current Spanish language ability, and to create a curriculum for you tailored to your specific level and needs. After working with you in your online classes, we will be able to provide you additional testing or a better classification of your language ability level.

Can I schedule a trial class to learn  Spanish online?

Absolutely! Use our Contact Page to email and set up a free 30-minute trial, or via Skype by contacting username “My Spanish lesson”. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.