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“I spent a week in Esteli attending Spanish School Nicaragua. I had a great experience working one-on-one for four hours every morning with my teacher, Adalid. Adalid and the school director, Rafael, knew that I was interested in the history and politics of Nicaragua and they arranged to introduce me to people and places that brought that history alive. My home stay was with the lovely Myriam, a retired school director, who was a welcoming hostess and a great cook. I want to add that before I arrived, I was nervous about traveling by myself to Nicaragua. However, Rafael was very responsive and helped me have confidence that my traveling arrangements would work out, as they did. I highly recommend Spanish School Nicaragua for anyone who wants to learn more Spanish and learn more about Nicaragua”

Amy Hubbard, March 12th, 2018

“Rafael is simply the best teacher I have ever had, (and I had many fine teachers at the two Ivy League schools I attended).  During our month of 20 hour-a-week one-on-one classes I am never bored and during the four class hours from eight until noon I never look at my watch.  Rafael not only knows the Spanish language perfectly but he is well read and well informed so conversations about Nicaragua, American and world current events are always interesting.  He has mastered the art of pedagogy and his teaching is a perfect combination of encouragement, correction, and extraordinary patience.  In addition to an annual month on-site, (2018 is my third year), I usually have two hour-long Zoom/Skype meetings per week and these are equally good.  Finally, Rafael has a great sense of humor”

Nicholas Long, USA, 2018

“We took one week of classes and stayed with Rafaels family. Both the lessons and the homestay couldn’t have been better. We learned a lot about grammar and basic conversation. Rafael utilizes different activities such as games and conversation cards which make the learning process pleasant. Rafael was always motivated to enhance our learning and really did a good job at teaching us as much as possible in one week. After class Rafaels’ wife Karla prepared lunch. Karls is a decent cook and prepares varying meals. We felt very welcome in Rafaels house and had our own room. All in all we would totally recommend the school and a homestay with Rafael”

 Dominik  and Lara Harnisch, Germany September 2017

“I spent 5 weeks at the school and living with a host family. I can only say great things about the school and the experience. It is not always common to have a language class that can individualize so well, teach so effectively (using different methods and six different ways of explaining things when I needed it!), and understand so well the need to have cultural understanding, as well. We had class overlooking a waterfall, in a garden area, and sitting on a boulder overlooking beautiful Nicaragua and several of its volcanoes. Conversations were realistic and meaningful in my life, and all vocabulary was vocab that I immediately needed. If something was not working well, Rafael did everything to change it and was so flexible, thoughtful, helpful, and understanding. My host family was wonderful and the Estelí is a wonderful city. These five weeks were more useful and impactful than I could have ever hoped for”

Alyshia Van Kannel, Canada,  July 2017

” I wish I have had more time in Estelí to stay at this school. Rafael is a very experienced teacher who knows how to tackle the main problems when learning Spanish. His lectures were never boring, he always alternated between challenging grammar excercises and interesting, fun conversations. He also showed me places in Estelí you wouldn’t find on your own, even with with one of the tourist organizations. Definitely worth every penny!”

Roman Maas- Dusseldorf,  Germany,  March 2017

“Rafael is a very good teacher with a lot of ambition who will come up with his own exercises customized for your benefits. Furthermore, you’ll get a great cultural insight and maybe even some sightseeing during your class. I highly recommend to take advantage of his classes! If I ever will be back in Nicaragua I’ll be also back at his place! 🙂 —————————————————- Rafael ist ein sehr guter Lehrer mit sehr viel Erfahrung und Begeisterung. Für die Stunden bereitet er jeweils mit viel Elan Übungen vor, welche auf den Schüler personalisiert sind. Weiter vermittelt er einen guten kulturalen Einblick und auch ein paar Sightseeings sind als Teil des Unterrichts möglich. Somit kann ich seinen Unterricht nur weiterempfehlen. Sollte ich wiedereinmal nach Nicaragua reisen, werde ich auch wieder bei ihm vorbei schauen! :-)”

Simon Staehl- Switzerland        Dec 2016

Nicaragua Spanish Schools is a small school in Esteli with a big heart.The director, Rafael, is a highly qualified teacher, teaching both foreign students (on a one to one basis) during the week and lecturing to large classes of Esteli College students on Saturdays. I studied Spanish with Rafael for a month.  He took the time to assess my strengths and weaknesses, then he developed a program designed specifically for me.  It was a pleasure working with him.  He is a very caring person, who likes to works his students to their maximum abilities.  

George McLean, British Columbia, Canada.”

I studied here for a week, and can’t say enough good things about this school. The lessons were useful and more importantly they were tailored toward what I wanted to learn. Rafael is a great teacher and has a lot of energy to keep the student engaged. Like I mentioned earlier, he is also very flexible. After the first lesson he asked what I thought and if there is anything that I wanted more or less of to make the future classes better for me. If you’re in Esteli I’d definitely recommend the homestay as well!

Charles Florence, USA

nicaragua spanish schools

“My wife and I really enjoyed our week of Spanish lessons while in Esteli.  We were lucky to have Ana as our instructor who, besides being a very sweet and patient person, was an excellent instructor.  We appreciated her teaching methods that allowed us to learn at our own pace and the areas of the language we were most interested to learn. We also spent time with Rafael who helped us break some of our “bad habits” and took us on cultural trips around Esteli.

We have taken previous Spanish lessons in other parts of Central America but this school has been by far our favorite.  We certainly encourage anyone wanting to learn Spanish to enroll; we are already planning our next trip to Nicaragua to include more Spanish lessons here in Esteli.

Wayne and Tracey Robinson
Lillooet, BC Canada

nicaragua spanish schools“I recently completed a week of study with Rafael in Esteli and it was fantastic. I felt like I really got launched, as it was my first experience learning Spanish, (and I am no spring chicken). 

After four hours of 1-on-1 classes in the morning, Rafael always found the time for something interesting in the afternoon: lunching with his family, meeting his dad at the market in Esteli, biking through the Tisey plains and mountains south of the city, (and lovely camomile fields) or just plain hanging out in Esteli’s mainly restaurants. I would go back in a heartbeat, and he would be by far and away my first choice.” 

Ralph Keefer, Canada

“The lesson I had at the Spanish School Nicaragua were wonderful!Perfect that is was one-on one I could tell all I needed and wanted

Anna Van Stigt, Nedertland 

“Class with Rafael was always a great mix of grammatical study  and interactive learning which led to a greater understanding of Spanish language throughout my time in Nicaragua. He was always sure to put his lessons in perspective by passing on knowledge not solely about Spanish, but also life in Nicaragua as wel

Phill Groden, USA- Nicaragua Spanish Schools

“Rafael with Nicaragua Spanish Schools  is great! He is patient and really makes sure you understand one topic before moving onto the next topic! The field trips around Esteli was my favorite part of the class- it was so fun to combine local cultural experiences with practical Spanish learning” 

 Loraine Ashcraft, USA

“I never really had a lot of confidence in my Spanish speaking abilities and I took a few classes in high school,After living in Nicaragua for about a year and having Rafael as a teacher, I can say that I feel more confident using my Spanish. He made me realize that I had to be proud of the skills that I have while still focusing on improving them.  I have really appreciated our classes and I am glad that I had him as a teacher”

 Carolyn Monteagudo, USA

“After about six months with Spanish School Nicaragua, I can already see an improvement in my comfort and fluidity in Spanish. The multitude of activities that Rafael implements, from reading passages to sifting through current events in the local paper, make our time together stimulating and engaging.

  Sarah Donovan, USA

” I studied Spanish for two months in Nicaragua, in the cities of San Juan del Sur, Granada and Esteli. In that time, I had class for 7 hours per day and I had 6 different professors. Of the 6 I learned the most at Spanish School Nicaragua. Rafael works with the students to address his/her educational needs. 

Esteli has  city amenities, but is more authentic than San Juan del Sur and Granada.

I highly recommend Spanish School Nicaragua. Feel free to email me with any questions.“

 Forest Boles – forestboles@gmail.com

“Ich habe fuer fuenf Wochen einen Sprachkurs bei Rafael gemacht und kann es nur weiterempfehlen. Er hat spannenden, interaktiven und abwechslungsreichen Unterricht gestaltet und ist auf meine individuellen Fragen und Wissensluecken eingegangen. Außerdem vermittelt er viel über die nicaraguanische Kultur und ich hatte Gelegenheit, mit ihm ueber aktuelle Themen zu diskutieren. Darüber hinaus hat er bereits langjaehrige Erfahrung im Unterrichten von Spanisch. Zusaetzlich ist es eine gute Moeglichkeit, um sein Hilfsprojekt fuer die Menschen, die auf der Muellkippe arbeiten, zu unterstuetzen.Schließlich kann ich auch die Stadt Estelí für einen Sprachkurs weiterempfehlen. Hier ist es nicht so heiß wie etwa in León oder Managua und man kann sowohl die Naturschutzgebiete in der Naehe als auch verschiedene Ausflugsziele im Norden Nicaraguas gut und schnell erreichen”

Anika Wittenborn, Germany

“Eine super Schule um Spanisch zu lernen. Hatte einen spitzen Lehrer, eine nette Gastfamilie und die Stadt war auch sehr schön! Muchas gracias!!!!

 Sebastian Schmidt, Germany

“Anyone looking for a Spanish school in Esteli or a looking for a class in a mountain northern town in Nicaragua. I recommend Spanish School Nicaragua. I took a classes with Rafael Castillo one of the owners of this school. Basically an excellent teacher and also easy going and nice to be with which is important for one on one class”.

Joe, Arizona, US

” I can say with absolute sincerity that of the six or seven Spanish instructors I have had, Rafael was the best. That I can now speak with confidence I owe to him.”                    

William Slocum, United States

“I feel very fortunately that Rafael Castillo began to be my teacher one day while I was enrolled at a private school in Esteli. The biggest difference that I noticed with the time that I was spending with Rafael was the manner in which he approached my strengthening my Spanish comprehension”

Max H. United States

”Nicaragua Spanish Schools provides Spanish lessons and cultural activities for individuals or groups for one-hour or for weeks, months at a time. Rafael was my teacher. He was dynamic and personalized my classes to fit my level, needs and interests. Cultural activities included were visiting an organization that recycles and makes paper, a local clinic and coffee processing plant. The school also arranged a host family for me. I couldn’t happier with my choice.

If you are interested in learning Spanish ( a little or a lot), as well learning more about the Nicaraguan culture in a place that is not overly frequented by tourists- this is the place for you. I liked learning Spanish in Esteli because it is a bit off the main tourist path yet in a town offering a bit of beauty and activities for visitors”

  Jennifer, Potocnik. United States 

“Mein Name ist Jennifer, ich komme aus Deutschland und bin im Jahr 2011 nach Nicaragua gekommen, um bei einem Sozialprojekt in Puerto Cabezas, Bilwi, zu arbeiten. Doch vor meiner Reise an die Kueste war ich fuer drei Wochen in Estelí, um einen Sprachkurs bei Rafael Castillo zu machen.

Dank eines Aufenthalts in Mexiko vor einigen Jahren konnte ich bereits eine gute sprachliche Grundlage aufweisen, es fehlte mir aber das Wissen ueber verschiedene Grammatikregeln.

Gemeinsam mit dem Sprachlehrer Rafael konnte ich dieses Wissen mithilfe vieler schriftlicher und muendlicher Uebungen ausbauen. Dank der Puenktlichkeit und Ernsthaftigkeit, mit denen der Lehrer seine Arbeit verrichtet, konnten wir die Unterrichtsstunden gut ausnutzen. Wir haben uns aber nicht nur mit der spanischen Sprachen, sondern auch mit vielen kulturellen, sozialen und politischen Themen beschaeftigt.

Diese Verbindung zwischen dem Erlernen der spanischen Sprache und tiefgehenden Diskussionen hat mir sehr gut gefallen und das Lernen erleichtert. Außerdem habe ich in diesen Wochen viel ueber die Kultur und Mentalitaet Nicaragua und seiner Bewohner gelernt und konnte von meinen Erfahrungen in den folgenden Monaten in Bilwi profitieren.

Abschließend kann ich sagen, dass es sehr empfehlenswert ist, bei dem Sprachlehrer Rafael Castillo Spanischunterricht zu nehmen”  Nicaragua Spanish Schools.

Jennifer, Germany

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Rafael Castillo

I am Rafael Castillo. I am a Spanish teacher in Esteli Nicaragua. I have taught Spanish as a second language over 20 years. I enjoy teaching Spanish. For me every student is a pleasure to work with because they are unique.